Schwa Lyrics

Blow'em Away

Lyricist: Chuck Brodsky
Vocalist: Ed McGee
In the morning
I commute
Mild mannered man
in a business suit
and when I come home
at the end of my day
There's all these other cars stacked up in my way
So I pull up behind one
Pull out my pistol
and blow'em away

And I'm driving my car
and I wanna go fast
then some slow car
won't let me pass
well I flash my lights
I honk my horn
Well, I have to consider him warned

I pull up behind him
Pull out my pistol
and blow'em away

I'm Jesse James 
behind the wheel
And it's high noon
in my automobile
They call me crazy
they call me sick
 I gotta get you well I'm going to quick

Some Son Of a Bitch 
he cut me off
Three whole lanes 
he cut across
He made me angry
made me swerve
Well, Son of a bitch got what he deserved
Well, I pulled up behind him
Pulled out my pistol
and blew him away

Hey look a motorcycle
he's riding between
He's splitting lanes
if you know what I mean
all this cotton flyin'
That's not too poor
I saw him comin'
and I opened my door
I knocked him over
pulled out my pistol
and blew him away

Some little old lady 
Bless her heart
well she was walking her poodle
across the boulevard
it was wearing a red knitted sweater
a little knitted hat
and it was probably named Fifi
or something stupid like that

Well I said, "Here Fifi"
pulled out my pistol
and I blew him away.

First Played: September 20, 1997 Wilmer's Park - Brandywine, MD

Last Played: October 8, 2005 Tangiers - Akron, OH

# Times Played: 100

% Played: 5.38 %

Shows Since 1st Played: 1858

Shows Since Last Played: 876

1st set: 53

2nd set: 42

3nd set: 0

Encore: 5

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