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Heavens to Mergatroid

Lyricist: John Mullins
Vocalist: John Mullins
I can hear the natives chanting
Becoming restless they have gone
On so far to find us
Now together we are from
The great time beyond belief
Believe it we are told
We are from all that lies between
Heaven to Mergatroid

We have risen to the nobles
We have fallen for the King
We have felt their blows twice doubled
Paid for the kindness of our deed
Run to take a full part tumble
Like weeds passing throught he void
Our fingers begin to fumble
From Heaven to Mergatroid

Spontaneous generation
Of false prophets from the peel
Fill our heads till saturation
Of their words is all we feel
Spend out our duration
With ideas with which we've toyed
Reach our maturation
From Heaven to Mergatroid

This spacey place I saw her face
With beauty beyond compare
I looked into those hazels once
Now all I do is stare
Blankly through eternity
and I find I'm overjoyed
We will always be together
From Heaven to Mergatroid

The King he raised his orbit
And he speaks down unto me
There ain't no place for you
Or your feline don't you see
I turn away with a saddened heart
And feeling quite annoyed
The King makes no admission here
From heaven to Mergatroid

Alternate verse:

Do you listen and believe it
Believe and listen to
The beconing cries of songbirds
And they're singing just for you
Their song it flies so freely
Lovely still but coy
Bouncing off the wall from here
To heavens to mergatroid

First Played: October 13, 1993 Not Al's Rockers - Columbus, OH

Last Played: December 11, 2009 Jim Porterís Good Time Emporium - Louisville, KY

# Times Played: 323

% Played: 12.41 %

Shows Since 1st Played: 2602

Shows Since Last Played: 663

1st set: 145

2nd set: 175

3nd set: 2

Encore: 1

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