Schwa Lyrics

Wild Bill Jones

Lyricist: Traditional
Vocalist: Cliff Starbuck
As I went out for to take a little walk 
And I walked upon that Wild Bill Jones, 
He was walking and a-talking by my true lover's side, 
I forbid him to leave her alone. 

He said, my age is just twenty-one, 
Too old for to be controlled, 
I drew my revolver from my side, 
I destroyed that poor boy's soul. 

Well, he kicked and he scrambled and he fell to the ground 
And he gave one dying groan, 
I threw my arms around my true lover's neck, 
Said, darling, you'll be left alone. 

I've got one dollar in my pocketbook 
And a quarter in my hand, 
Well, it's come on, boys, and let's take a drink, 
While I have this money for to spend. 

Well, it's pass around your long-neck bottle 
And we'll all get on a spree, 
For today was the last of that Wild Bill Jones 
And tomorrow'll be the last of me. 

My honey, she wrote me a letter, 
Said,"Darling, what might your bail be?" 
My woman she sent me a ten -dollar bill, 
Said, darling, come home to me. 

I was on that old train when she blowed for midnight, 
I was on her when she whistled for day, 
She went around the curve and she strained every nerve, 
This old engine's going to carry me away. 

They sent me to prison for twenty long years, 
This poor boy longs to be free, 
But Wild Bill Jones and that long-neck bottle 
Have been the ruin of me. 

First Played: March 17, 2000 Little Brother's - Columbus, OH

Last Played: March 17, 2000 Little Brother's - Columbus, OH

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% Played: 0.07 %

Shows Since 1st Played: 1473

Shows Since Last Played: 1472

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